~ About Maxence ~

~ Maxence Le Roux ~

Coming from a family of healers, Maxence started healing sessions from 2017.

Since then, he has practiced Energy Healings during pilgrimages in more than 30 countries in Europe & Asia.

He now lives in Nagano, Japan and studies Energy Healings & Rituals with Energy Worker & Teacher MA Emico Miscella.

Hello, Maxence! Tell us more about You!

Hello! Thank you for asking!

My name is Maxence Le Roux, I am from France:)

I have studied in University of Biology, Human Body & Mind, the Earth & Ecology.

After graduation, I started to learn about Energy Healings & Spirituality from my family heritage. From then on, I taken on a journey, to discover more about the Energy World!

That’s great! Can you tell us more about your History?

This is a great question!

For 4 years, I did pilgrimages to Holy places & Natural Powerspots all over Europe & Asia.

I will always remember… The meditations in mountain peaks, jungles & deserts, the contemplations in Cathedrales, Mosks & Temples, the meetings with Shamans & Healers, the realizations in the most beautiful Hermitages…

And since 2020 & until now I live in Japan!

You can find more about my history by clicking ~ Here ~

Oh wow! And now you live in Japan. What do you do here?

This is correct! Now, I live in a beautiful place in Shinanomachi, Nagano, in the Kazejiva Ashram.

I am so fortunate to study from Energy Worker & Teacher MA Emico Miscella about Spirituality, Energy Healings, Chakras, Karma, Rituals, Astrology, Tarot, Feng-Shui & much more!

Especially, I am so honored to offer & lead Energy Healings, Rituals, Retreats & Pilgrimages in Kanto & Nagano!

You can read all about my Energy Healings & Ritual directly by clicking ~ Here ~ !

This is fantastic! It there something more we need to know?

Of course, There is always more!

Do not hesitate to kindly reach out to me! I am always so happy to meet with you!

You can contact me directly from My Contact Page ~ Here ~!


Thank you! 🌟 And see you soon! 🌟